Thyssen Krupp.

Improving safety through intelligent, remote monitoring.

Who are TKE?

Part of thyssenkrupp AG, they are a diversified industrial group dating back to 1811, and today employ 155,000 people across the globe.


ThyssenKrupp Elevators (TKE) have rapidly become one of the world's leading elevator companies. Their passenger transportation solutions deliver energy and time efficiencies when implemented at either new state-of-the-art systems or modernising existing ones.


TKE values progressive innovation as key to their ongoing success. 


This project is a demonstrable part of their commitment to continuing to drive product and service development.

TKE wanted to explore how the latest smart devices and technology might be used to address the needs of their customers and their engineers. Through addressing these needs and improving the user experience for both parties, they were confident that they could achieve a competitive edge in the market. The team proposed a remote monitoring solution that would increase up-time and safety on its customer's elevators through pre-emptive maintenance, as well as improve response times for maintenance alerts.​

Cogworx, CGI, Microsoft and TKE joined forces to develop a proof of concept demonstrating the potential to control and monitor 1.2m elevators worldwide.


The concept would allow TKE to track elevators, anticipate impending issues, and resolve problems, with minimal disruption to their clients and members of the public.

What did we do?

As part of the wider team, we took ownership of the user experience design, ensuring a design that worked for engineers worldwide on a range of devices and varying levels of connectivity.

Connecting thousands of sensors in TKE's elevators to the cloud, the application gathers data, integrated using ASP.NET SignalR, and presents this insight via two different user interfaces - one for Supervisors and another for Engineers.

The application harnessed the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a cloud-based elevator monitoring system based on Microsoft Azure IoT services.

Engineer's elevator view
Team view
Elevator history view
Asset view


Following the success of the proof of concept, the system was commissioned to a full build, allowing the rest of the dashboards to be developed.

TKE will gain a real-time view of elevator performance, enabling instant diagnostic capabilities for increased up-time, and improved resource planning, cost forecasting and maintenance scheduling - a real competitive edge.

The proof of concept project achieved accolades when it was presented by Satya Nadella at the Microsoft World Partner Conference.