Cogworx is led by senior research and design consultants with over sixty years of combined experience in design and digital. We are supported by a network of senior-level associates across User Research, UX Design, UI Design, Service Design and Content Design.

Douglas Maitland

Service Design Lead

& Co-Founder

The combination of my design skills for products and services, mixed with experience in visual communications and brand development, have created strong foundations for developing engaging user experiences. I enjoy using new technologies to help build communities, share information and create playful experiences that are rich, intuitive and meaningful.

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Alex Jaques

UX Design Lead

& Co-Founder

I am a strategic design professional with 17+ years experience, I am an advocate of Design Thinking, UCD and Lean methodologies and have helped organisations in the private and public sectors design digital products and services that are meaningful and enabling for users. I also have a keen interest in how emerging technologies, such as AI, AR and VR, can be harnessed to drive innovation and create new, disruptive experiences and business models.

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Charlotte Wild

User Research Lead

& Co-Founder

With a Client Services background, I developed the people skills, ability to make people feel comfortable and an openness that led to a natural evolution into user research. I love meeting people, understanding how they use digital and their challenges. And then I champion them whilst we iterate our design work, helping to create successful digital experiences.

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Gareth Moore

Managing Director

& Co-Founder

My experience and involvement in Digital Projects spans decades and includes many disciplines. With high motivation, dedication and understanding, I enjoy delivering time after time. Utilising a background in Operations and Finance and an ambition for success, my aim is to achieve results efficiently and with responsibility.

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