How we can help.

Cogworx can support you in a number of different ways. Whether it’s whole projects you’d be looking for support on, someone to own and conduct your research, or a designer to work with your development team, we’re happy to provide varying levels of involvement and commitment


Provide a team of specialists to deliver a project for your organisation.


Supplement an existing team with additional research and design expertise.


Help your organisation deliver user-centred products and services and follow best practice.

The different ways we can work with you

We provide you with standalone team of research and design specialists

If you have a project and you want to ensure a user-centred design approach supported by research, Cogworx can supply all the resources you need at the right size and make up of team for the challenge.

We help you create a full-service digital delivery team

If you have an existing team but lack research and design specialists, we will supply an experienced team that will supplement your existing team, providing you with a full-service digital delivery capability.

We provide you with additional specialists in research and design to join your existing team

You may already have UX resource but have a shortfall, or perhaps you have none and require some support for a specific project. We can provide Cogworx associates that will integrate into your existing team.

We provide expertise and experience for your organisation as a consultancy

We can help your organisation deliver user-centred products and services, as well advising on best practices and standards. In particular, we can advise teams on how to deliver against the GDS service standard

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