Rapid UX prototyping for a FinTech Startup
Who are Butterwire?

Butterwire are a UK-based FinTech startup. They have developed an augmented intelligence investment platform to assist equity investors in generating higher returns with sharper stock selection, better risk control, a long-term horizon, and little trading activity.

What did we do?

Cogworx worked with Butterwire over 8 days to take an existing set of wireframes and rapidly design and prototype an evolved interface.


We focused on specific user journeys that Butterwire had highlighted as requiring attention and expertise, re-working them based on the latest research and feedback.


We introduced best practice UX throughout and designed a modern user interface compatible with multiple device types.

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What challenges did we face?

We had limited knowledge of the subject matter, so ran a 1 day workshop with the Butterwire team to understand the problem space, the challenges and the opportunities. From this, we identified the priorities to be covered in a short engagement.

With just 8 days to create a step change in the user’s experience with the platform, we had to be very efficient with the design process and to draw on established best practice and expertise as well as user research. We designed a system of modular components that would ensure consistency and usability across the application. Our goal was to provide enough material and information to provide the development team with the tools they would need to fill in the gaps. This enabled Butterwire to take a very lean approach to launching their product.


We worked remotely with the development team but used effective collaboration tools like InVision and video conferencing to communicate efficiently and to iterate the design development.

What were the results?

The user journeys that we designed were rapidly coded into working prototypes ready for testing with early adopters.

From our design work, we had also created a base style guide and design system for the application. This provided the development team with sufficient material and guidance to continue with the development of the application.

The Butterwire platform is now live and available to the public here.